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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Selkie Legend

Long ago the selkie came to shore, seeking lovers among the mortals. They would linger with their families until the call of the sea became to great for them to bear... then they would don their seal-skins and disappear into the mists... or so the selkie legend says.

I assume that I am descended from a selkie myself. I come from an Irish line with curly dark hair and a strong affinity to water.

I've never been able to stay away from water. I'm the kind of person who stands out in the rain, no matter how cold it may be. My brother and I would swim from February to November every year as we were growing up. My parents had to instate a rule that we had to get out if our lips turned blue.

The ocean, of course, has a magic all of its own. The waves, the colors, the hiss of the water cresting onto the sand... I am very much in love with the sea.

I have always wondered if I might actually be a part of the selkie legend. What if one of my ancestors really came out of the water and lived as a mortal? Would s/he have stayed with the family or left when the call of the sea became to strong?

I dream of swimming in the depths of the ocean all the time. In my dreams I am quick and supple in the water. I don't have to hold my breath because I am so at one with the element.

I live in a desert, far away from any beaches, far away from the sea... but I am pretty sure I have saltwater in my veins.

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