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Friday, August 24, 2012

Available for Nook!

Adrift is now available on Nook! 

It's Almost Here!

Adrift will be released at Midnight tonight (Arizona time)! Come one over to our facebook or twitter (@SelkieHorse #Adrift) parties to hang out, learn facts, and get some neat prizes. Do you want a free copy of Adrift? Tell me your favorite childhood Fairy-tale to be entered in a drawing for a free Kindle edition of Adrift.

This is the cover you selected! Thank you!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You Choose: Cover Art

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Adrift Contest: Awesome Prizes, Easy Entry

Contest is open from NOW until Adrift has been available for 8 days. Adrift will be available soon!
*$25 Amazon gift certificate
*Free Kindle edition of Adrift
*Free Nook edition of Adrift

How to play:
Tweet with hashtags #LastSelkie and #Adrift @SelkieHorse (1 entry per tweet)
Buy Adrift and comment below (10 entries per purchase, enter unique quote from book to verify)
'Like' my Facebook page (5 entries)
Review Adrift (on blog, Amazon, Goodreads, or BN, then post link here) (10 entries/review)
Review Avow (on blog, Amazon, Goodreads, or BN, then post link here) (5 entries/review)
'Like' and Share the Adrift book trailer on YouTube (1 entry)

You can enter as many times as you want. If we reach 500 sales on premiere week, I will give one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to their bookseller of choice.

Results will be randomly drawn.

Make sure you comment with what you have done!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Selkie Legend

Long ago the selkie came to shore, seeking lovers among the mortals. They would linger with their families until the call of the sea became to great for them to bear... then they would don their seal-skins and disappear into the mists... or so the selkie legend says.

I assume that I am descended from a selkie myself. I come from an Irish line with curly dark hair and a strong affinity to water.

I've never been able to stay away from water. I'm the kind of person who stands out in the rain, no matter how cold it may be. My brother and I would swim from February to November every year as we were growing up. My parents had to instate a rule that we had to get out if our lips turned blue.

The ocean, of course, has a magic all of its own. The waves, the colors, the hiss of the water cresting onto the sand... I am very much in love with the sea.

I have always wondered if I might actually be a part of the selkie legend. What if one of my ancestors really came out of the water and lived as a mortal? Would s/he have stayed with the family or left when the call of the sea became to strong?

I dream of swimming in the depths of the ocean all the time. In my dreams I am quick and supple in the water. I don't have to hold my breath because I am so at one with the element.

I live in a desert, far away from any beaches, far away from the sea... but I am pretty sure I have saltwater in my veins.

What is Adrift?

Meg Tanner is afraid of water because her mother drowned in the ocean. Ever since then her father has warned her to stay away from the sea.

Upon her father's death Meg is set adrift in the world with no belongings and no place to go. Her only option is to hop into her beat-up old car and go wherever the road takes her.

All alone and blinded by grief she emerges in Trinity, Newfoundland, where she is approached by Devon Horan. Devon is fascinating man who immediately threatens everything she assumed about her life.

Soon Meg has nothing left but haunting questions:

What are selkies? What do they have to do with her dead mother?

And why does Devon despise Meg?

Reader Reviews for Avow

Avow is a prequel, taking place twenty years before Adrift (coming Aug. 2012). It is currently available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

A Last Selkie Short Story.

Twenty years before Adrift, a young man named Ethan Tanner found out he had a inoperable malignant brain tumor and had less than a year to live.

Impossibly, help comes in a mythical form.

Here's what readers have to say about it:

Review by: MB Crandell on July 17, 2012 : star star star star star I liked your story. You did a great job fleshing out your characters and even though the story was short, you had an excellent plot. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. Thankyou for sharing!

Review by: THG StarDragon Publishing on Aug. 04, 2012 : star star star star star I really enjoyed this short prequel and am looking very forward to when I can read the following tale. I adore selkie stories, and they are a type of merfolk that I think really could use more attention, as most think of the fishy sort when thinking "mermaid" and none of the other varieties. The story itself had me tearing up in sympathy, as the emotions of facing death are perfectly captures (I have had very close experience, having nursed my father in his last days and assisted in his spiritual care). I also very much like the deviation from the usual "selkie bride" motif.

Review by: Peg Lewis on July 26, 2012 : star star star star star  This prequel promises an interesting yarn. There are plenty of paranormal creatures out there (and for the most part I don't like reading about them), but the selkie here has an agenda that will have implications for future generations. And she exists in an utterly believable, in fact real, world, and so she seems actually quite real, too. There's promise here for the main work, and I'm keeping my eye out for it.
Review by: Faye Hollidaye on July 24, 2012 : star star star star  A five-star short story, but not entirely perfect. Very emotionally intriguing!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


The full-length Selkie novel Adrift is coming out soon! I am excited to share this, my latest work, with my audience. I hope everyone will read it and enjoy it!  I love feedback, so I am looking forward to seeing lots of reviews.

Adrift will be available soon on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I will also have copies available on Smashwords.

Adrift is the story of Meg Tanner.

Meg Tanner was nineteen years old when her father suddenly slipped into a coma and died. Meg was forced to sell all of their belongings just to settle his medical bills. With little more than a junkie old car and a few clothes to her name, she has no relatives, not family, nothing to hold her in one place.

She got into her car and started to drive. She ended up in Newfoundland, where she quickly learned that everything she knew about herself and her past are much different than the truth.

And truth, as we all know, is stranger than fiction.