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Saturday, August 4, 2012


The full-length Selkie novel Adrift is coming out soon! I am excited to share this, my latest work, with my audience. I hope everyone will read it and enjoy it!  I love feedback, so I am looking forward to seeing lots of reviews.

Adrift will be available soon on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I will also have copies available on Smashwords.

Adrift is the story of Meg Tanner.

Meg Tanner was nineteen years old when her father suddenly slipped into a coma and died. Meg was forced to sell all of their belongings just to settle his medical bills. With little more than a junkie old car and a few clothes to her name, she has no relatives, not family, nothing to hold her in one place.

She got into her car and started to drive. She ended up in Newfoundland, where she quickly learned that everything she knew about herself and her past are much different than the truth.

And truth, as we all know, is stranger than fiction.

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